Panel Shrink Packaging Machine

The Panel Shrink Packaging Machine is made up of 5 sections:

  • Product Input Conveyor
  • Stick on Jaw Winding Process
  • Tunnel Input Conveyor
  • Shrink Tunnel
  • Output Conveyor with Cooling Fan
  • Ironing System

  • Front fed,
  • A touch operated and easy to use LCD operating screen,
  • Pneumatic System,
  • Ability to work with Polyethylene Film
  • Total electric power: 25kw – After the first 30mins Electric Power: 12kw,
  • Features easily portable wheels,
  • The conveyor belt is made of chain and are covered with silicon tube, therefore having no problems such as sticking or leaving marks,
  • With homogenous heat distribution the Shrink process is performed perfectly
  • Double shift operation design
  • The tunnel section possesses NEW drawer shrink tunnel technology.