Drying Furnace Tunnel

The drying furnace is a systematic machine that dries and throws the moisture out of the tunnel from products such as foam, yarn, fiber, nuts, walnuts, and beans.  After the product entering the tunnel, heat installed air molecules absorb the heat.  Afterwards, the moisture found in the product combines with the air and the molecules are ejected by a special dehumidifier system. Therefore, the products that entered the furnace tunnel very wet come out completely dry after being in the tunnel for 15 or 25 meters. Products such as and similar to nuts, legumes, grains are dried on PVC belt conveyor with the aim that the drying furnace is to be used. Products such as sponge, yarn, fiber and so on are aimed to dry on a wire conveyor band or silicon coated pipe to use in a drying furnace.

As the tunnels interior systematics are heat regulated the products experience air shock  therefore the product doesn’t have surface problems.