6 Side Closed Shrink Packaging Machine

This machine particularly can close all the sides of insulation materials such as rockwool and glasswool, and large sized products. The Useful Model Development document belongs to our company and the manufacturing is supported by TUBITAK. 

Our machine is made up of three sections;

– The Wrapping Section

–  Side-folding

–  Tunnel Shrink

The wrapping section can be changeable to a hot jaw or cold jaw according to the type of nylon the customer uses.

With a blower and hot air blowing gun on the folding station mechanism, side folding can be ensured.

Our large-sized gage tunnel is wire band. The addition of Resistance Tunnel with Drawer only belongs to the HASEL firm.

The system has its own remote access technology. This can be monitored from desired center moment by moment and records the production rate daily, monthly, weekly. Also with the password that is provided by our customers to our technicians we can connect to the machine from our firm and detect malfunctions directly.

There are 11 Sew motors on the machine and reaches 4-5 meters in height ensuring the shrink packaging products can be made.